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Kangana Ranaut Claims Physical Assault by CISF Officer at Chandigarh Airport

07-06-2024 / 0 comments

Newly elected BJP MP Kangana Ranaut has alleged that she was slapped by a CISF woman guard, Kulwinder Kaur, at Chandigarh Airport. The incident rep


Two tempo drivers die in separate hit-and-run incidents in Navi Mumbai

06-06-2024 / 0 comments

Two individuals were killed in separate hit-and-run incidents in Navi Mumbai. In the first incident, a tempo driver, Dinesh Kashiram Sena, 37, from


Turkish doctor who gained viral fame for dramatic face surgeries accused of using fake photos, lawsuit filed against him

04-06-2024 / 0 comments

A Turkish plastic surgeon recently went viral for claiming he performed a dramatic surgery on an American tourist named "Michael," showcasing befor


16 Die from Heat-Related Causes in Two Hours at Bihar Hospital

31-05-2024 / 0 comments

In Aurangabad, Bihar, a record-setting heatwave has led to a tragic incident where 16 people died from heat-related causes within just two hours at


"Pakistani Hindu Senator Condemns Forced Conversion, Citing Quran: 'Our Girls Face Pressure to Convert to Islam'"

30-05-2024 / 0 comments

Danesh Kumar Palyani, a Hindu Senator in Pakistan's Parliament, has spoken out against the forced conversion of Hindu girls to Islam, particularly

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